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Bus Tour 21 Nov Feature

The Brisbane Coffee Tour in November 2015 saw us travel in and around the CBD to get behind the scenes of Brisbane specialty coffee. On the agenda was coffee roasting, espresso coffee and coffee cupping.

The tour began at the Woolloongabba Social Club, home of Coffee Supreme in Brisbane. Josh demonstrated the art of roasting coffee for filter using Ethiopian Biftu Gudina beans. We sipped on the filter coffee and bagged the freshly roasted beans to take home. Josh rates this as, ‘the best in a long time’ coffee and after brewing at home – he was right!

Wooloongabba social club

We hopped on the City Bus to the Brisbane CBD and Coffee Anthology. Adam and Chris taught us the art of espresso extraction. Using varied extraction times of 22, 25, 27, 29 and 32 seconds we sampled a plethora of black and white coffees on the Paradox blend by Single Origin Roasters in Sydney. The group had varied favourites, some liked 27 seconds, some 32. There was however, consensus on how important extraction times are when making espresso coffee.

Coffee anthology

Our last venue was Veneziano Coffee Roasters in West End aka VCR Cafe Brisbane. Jean-Paul setup the cupping room especially for us with four 90 plus coffees. These were premium coffee beans from Ethiopia Hachira and Kemgin, Panama Gesha Juliette and Gesha Lycello. We circled around the table sniffing, slurping and enjoying great coffee (and Jean-Paul’s home brewed Cascara cider!).

Veneziano coffee roasters

We would like to thank Woolloongabba Social Club, Coffee Anthology and Veneziano Coffee Roasters for putting on a memorable tour. Thanks Chie Dahms for these super photos.

If you’re keen to experience a Brisbane Coffee Tour check our tour calendar or contact us directly to have us run one just for you.

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