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Bean Brewding’s Brisbane Coffee Tour in October 2015 discovered the harmony of food and coffee together. We began the day at Fonzie Abbott Espresso in Hamilton. JB, Roast Master at Fonzie Abbott Coffee Roasters guided us through coffee and chocolate matching.


With chocolate from Cravve in Burleigh Heads and coffee freshly roasted by JB. The aim was to match flavours that compliment each other. All coffee and chocolate were single origin, matching regions of the world with similar terrain, environment and processing methods. We had:

Chocolate Origin Coffee Origin Brew method
Ghana Burundi Short black
Vanuatu Indonesia V60 Pour Over
Bolivia Costa Rica Cold Drip



Everyone agreed the pairings were perfect and would try similar at home to enhance their coffee experience.


We enjoyed the City Cat scenery of the Brisbane River while travelling to Medley Café and Restaurant at Kangaroo Point.


Now the focus was coffee and cheese matching, an Australian first … maybe even the world! Aaron from Cleanskin Coffee Co. used his vast knowledge of coffee brewing and the dairy industry to pair Cleanskin coffee with Brie, French goats cheese and blue cheese:

Cheese style Coffee Origin Brew method
Brie Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chemex
French goats Kenya V60 Pour Over
Blue Burundi AeroPress



The theory of the pairings – coffee with more clarity = less intense cheese. If you have never had blue cheese with filter coffee before, do it!


Third stop on the tour was Caffeine Espresso in Teneriffe for a chef’s view on coffee and food matching.


Danielle and Jordi at Caffeine Espresso had done their research and two tasty combinations ready for us. One sweet and one savoury meal, both served with Cleanskin coffee ‘Saint Blend’:

Meal Brew method Flavours
Mini brioche with mushroom, halloumi, spinach, mushroom pâté and aoli Ristretto, short or long black The earthy mushroom flavours match the tobacco acidity of the coffee.
Almond biscotti with Mascarpone and fresh berries Flat white The creaminess of milk and dark chocolate aftertaste complement the sweetness in biscuit and berries.


The coffee and food matching once again worked and gave tourists ideas on what to order when eating out. The entire morning was full of surprises and highlighted the harmony of food and coffee.


The Brisbane Coffee Tour in October 2015 was a huge success because of Fonzie Abbott Coffee Roasters, Medley Café and Restaurant, Cleanskin Coffee Co. and Caffeine Espresso. Thank you all for your dedication, passion and hospitality. If you’re keen to enhance your coffee experience check our Brisbane coffee tours calendar (including the coffee and beer fusion) or contact us directly to arrange your own.

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