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In the hunt for the perfect coffee experience, I was keen to find out about the standard coffee cups we drink from when visiting our favourite cafe. More often than not, when you drink your favourite brew from a crockery cup, they are brown on the outside and white on the inside. I thought it might be cool to buy some of these cups as a present for ‘our’ at home coffees.

The barista at The Corner Store café gave some great advice on the cups they use and also about a new range of coloured cups that his brother had just purchased. He said, “ACF cups are the industry standard” and promptly showed me the ACF mark on the bottom of the cup he was about to use. I was there to buy a bag of Cleanskin Coffee Company beans … but more about that later.


I asked where I might be able to purchase a small quantity of cups and saucers. He told me Veneziano at West End was the best place to go. Off I went, but alas as I arrived someone had just purchased their entire stock :-O. However I did get to see the new colourful range the barista told me about. So off to the Internet and the search began.

The Nuova Point website provided info on their vast array of cups included the fantastic coloured variety. Each colour has a variety of shapes and sizes … you can explore the specific dimensions or go with a recommendation. For example, the new Verona range is suited to the cappuccino and comes in a range of colours.

There are number of coffee suppliers that stock cups. Here’s a few to check out:

The coffee cups we purchased are still going strong and a great way to enjoy our morning brew. If you’re buying coffee cups ask at your favourite cafe or hit the Internet to do some browsing.

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