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Anyone who has visited Byron Bay and walked the main streets will know that the locals have a great respect for coffee. The Byron Bay Hinterland has rich volcanic soils perfect for growing coffee and is home to at least a dozen roasters. The product range in food stores on Jonson Street is wonderful.

Bun Coffee specialises in Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade, Organic and Australian Grown coffee. If you visit the Bun Coffee website you will see they offer that and more.

The 100% Australian Grown Coffee is said to be lower in acidity and caffeine making it smooth and easier on the digestive system than most coffee. This is a true single origin with the beans grown, processed, roasted and packaged on the North Coast of NSW. I buy the beans and grind them myself using a Sunbeam burr grinder. The kitchen is filled with a seductive aroma for days. I use a Gaggia Classic machine to make a piccolo with a dopio pour, a single pour of espresso from a double shot of coffee. The crema has a medium darkness and offers plenty in a short cup. As explained on the website it exhibits a rich, smooth sweetness and distinctly earthy flavour. I enjoyed it so much that I had another one!

Gaggia pouring a ristretto

Although this product does not display any form of certification I feel good about drinking coffee that is Australian, has low food miles, is grown in chemical free organic conditions and employs Australians on a fair wage. The product has won 3 medals over the years and can be purchased from the website.

I now consider Bun Coffee to be a consistent daily morning enjoyment.

Score: 8 out of 10 beans

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