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We often discuss coffee from an ethical and environmental perspective. One day the discussion led to ‘coffee miles’ and the environmental issues connected to drinking coffee from around the world. Coupled with recent exposure to Byron Bay coffee roasters and growers, I made a concerted effort to purchase a locally grown coffee. After googling Byron Bay coffee, Ewingsdale Coffee Estate web site emerged. I was intrigued to learn that they grow coffee without the use of pesticides, hand pick and then sun dry the beans. I perused the four blends on sale and selected the Estate Blend because it suited people who like medium to dark roasted coffee. Coming off Blackstar’s ‘the Rev‘, another full-bodied coffee seemed appropriate. As a bonus, I was sent a bag of the Cafe Blend as well… very impressed – thanks Rob! As a result, I have tasted both and will give you my thoughts on each blend… a 2 for the price of 1 post, just like the coffee!

The Estate Blend is fast becoming my favourite ‘home bean’ of all time! From the moment you open the packet, to grinding the beans, to making the espresso then to raising the cup, the aroma is punchy and natural. One of the joys of home brewing! This blend works really well black and with milk. There is a consistent depth of coffee flavour throughout the whole mouthful with no bitter aftertaste, both black and white. As Supernaut used to sing, “I like it both ways!” – although my preferred drink with this blend is a double shot flat white. This blend is one that is easy to drink and always leaves me wanting more. It provides a great in-home coffee experience.


The Cafe Blend delivers a very smooth coffee. It is the kind of coffee you could serve at a cafe as a flat white or latte and every punter would be happy. It offers a subtle, well-balanced option that you could easily drink all day. If someone was a mocha drinker, I think this would be a good blend to brew up and try without the added chocolate. There was definitely a hint of chocolatey flavour shining through. I even tried a double shot in a piccolo and although still subtle, it provided a more robust coffee experience on the palette. This blend works superbly well with milk. For some reason, it didn’t work for me as an espresso. It was abrupt and then fell away to nothing. A milk only blend for me!


If you like the idea of low coffee miles, local produce and environmentally considerate practices, give Ewingsdale coffee a try. As they say on their website, ‘You can taste the sunlight , the clean ocean air, the rain and the love in every bean.’


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