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Have you ever noticed sometimes when you start looking into something, you then see it everywhere? Like when you are looking for a new car – you choose a make and model and then you seem to notice them everywhere. It has been like that with our coffee experiences and Byron Bay lately! Everywhere we look there is a coffee-Byron connection. Like Green Cauldron coffee being brewed at Puk or bean brewders buying coffee beans from Bun Coffee.

Recently we had the opportunity to head to Byron Bay and jumped at the chance. We were amazed, not only at the number of groovy coffee shops, but the number of coffee growers and roasters in the region. It would have been wonderful to stay longer and immerse ourselves in the vibrant coffee culture. Byron is a coffee Mecca on Brisbane’s doorstep! If you weren’t aware how far Byron permeates the coffee scene here is a quick overview:

Seriously, if you love coffee, plan a trip to Byron and immerse yourself in the vibe and try as many coffee varieties as you can. If a trip is out of the question, explore the Brisbane coffee scene with Byron links and transport yourself there through the aromas and flavours! Follow us on twitter to keep abreast of cafes that have Byron beans! Let us know you favourite Byron blend, bean or experience!


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