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When we did our first post on Caffeine Espresso in Teneriffe, we had our first guest blogger join us to savour the caffeinated delights. Adam has gone from bean hunter to bean brewer and cafe owner at Dovetail on Overend. Caffeine Espresso has also made a move as well … literally around the corner. We had the pleasure of catching up with Danielle to explore the option of being part of the City Cat Coffee Tour.


Danielle loves the new venue, ‘It’s great. During the week we have our commercial clients on the weekend there’s our locals who have time to enjoy and relax.’ We joined the mass of locals on a Saturday morning enjoying the Cleanskin Coffee and relaxing over a spot of breakfast. In the spirit of our first post, we invited Raymond from Ray’s Gone Beans to offer his perspective on the new home of Caffeine Espresso. First thing he noticed was the GB5, the signage and sandwich board made the journey.


Will, the barista, told us about the very smooth Guatemalan single origin in the hopper. He sold it … 3 long blacks was the consensus. Will told us that Caffeine changes Cleanskin single origins every week. On first sip, Ray made the big statement, ‘That is smooth and … juicy. It’s smooth as you drink and builds to a nice juicy finish.’ Ray mentioned that when he blogs about coffee, he often talks about the food that it would go well with. We put him to the test! After another sip and careful consideration he said, ‘Mixed berry muffin … I think that coffee would be perfectly paired with a Mixed berry muffin.’

We were amazed because we’d talked to Danielle about the coffee tour and she talked about the possibility of some food and coffee matching. Sounds like Ray could be guest tour guide for that one! Ray added, ‘Sometimes I think about contrasting food as well … foods that accentuate the differences rather than complementing the similarities.’ It’s always great to sit down with people over coffee and get their take on enjoying the second biggest commodity on the planet.


For the next round, it was a triple treat on the Guatemalan – short black, long macchiato and a piccolo. The piccolo appeared so tiny in Ray’s hand, we thought we were on Gulliver’s travels. The coffee really gave us another opportunity for more coffee stories. For the record, a chocolate croissant was the perfect foil for the Guatemalan.

There seems to be only one way to finish the post and that’s a quote from Adam in our original post on Caffeine Espresso in Teneriffe:

All in all this was a really nice coffee experience, and definitely heightened by sharing it with a bunch of guys who are just as passionate about their coffee as I am. And for me, it was also a valuable reminder of how rewarding it can be to seek out new cafés; and sometimes first impressions can be deceiving.

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