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Caffeine Espresso Frontage

We had the pleasure of sharing a coffee and a chat with Beanhunter ‘reviewer extraordinaire’ – Adam Thomson at Caffeine Espresso. It was wonderful to share our experiences over a brew! We asked Adam if he would share his review with you. So here is out first guest review written by our ‘honorary’ Brewder:

“I recently had the pleasure of enjoying a coffee with the Bean Brewding lads at a place called Caffeine Espresso, which is located on a busy corner bordering New Farm, Teneriffe and Newstead. I used to live just down the road, and now that I’ve finally enjoyed a coffee here, I really had to question why I’d never stopped in before. After a bit of reflection, I realised that it was the café frontage that had failed to entice me. Right or wrong, those big front windows with the red colour scheme just didn’t gel with some of my preconceptions about finding good cafés.

And that’s a bit of a shame, because this place is a real find. The interior fit out of this Caffeine Espresso interiorlovely old building is very good. It’s not overdone, and the (perhaps original) high ceilings give a feeling of spaciousness and some character. I didn’t have the chance to chat with any of the guys working there on the day, however the service was very efficient and I noticed them pumping out large numbers of take away coffees on their GB5 with ease.

Mocha and flat whiteThe coffee on offer is a signature house blend roasted by Cleanskin Coffee Co. What was really interesting was that between the four of us we had covered most of the beverages on their menu. I started with my usual triple ristretto latte, and my friends tried a flat white, long black and a mocha. My latte was very nicely presented, with perfect milk and just the right temperature. It had that distinctive Cleanskin flavour that I’ve really come to enjoy, with a bit of fruit up front and a lovely velvety chocolate finish. The blend was a perfect match for my preferred style of drink, but I aslo really enjoyed hearing the other guys describe their various drinks too. We backed up with some doppio espressos – on the same blend. Mine improved as it cooled, and I enjoyed a nice hit of peach/nectarine flavour.

All in all this was a really nice coffee experience, and definitely heightened by sharing it with a bunch of guys who are just as passionate about their coffee as I am. And for me, it was also a valuable reminder of how rewarding it can be to seek out new cafés; and sometimes first impressions can be deceiving.”

Thanks for sharing Adam – you can check out the review and score on Beanhunter!

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