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The James Street precinct was a buzz as we walked through to Campos flagship store in the Valley. We could see the target, but there was a block wall separating us from our speciality coffee. We headed down the alley way to the cafe area and were greeted by welcoming and happy staff. Seriously, nothing was too much trouble for any of the staff – one of the best coffee shops for service. Campos has alley way seating for the quick coffee, inside cafe seating for more comfort and a more private area around the back toward where the cupping courses are conducted. The vibe we felt in James Street certainly carried through to this side of the block wall.

Cold Filter.jpgTime for coffee. Straight up for a cold filtered coffee … what a presentation … the glass was lined on the outside with ice crystals. The coffee was joined by a little bottle of milk and an even smaller bottle of sugar syrup. Importantly, the visual excitement was matched by the deep, rich flavour of the coffee. It was like drinking a cold ice coffee without the milk! In fact, it was three drinks in one. For the thrill, we drank it black, white and white with syrup. Each taste offered a different drinking experience … pretty cool. Although hard to beat, we relented and had another coffee. We often find we get swept up in the experience and the desire to sit back and drink more coffee just feels right. Wanting more is our clear indicator of a great coffee experience. Next up, long macchiato’s from the La Marzocco. These too were seriously good. They were brewed using Campos Superior blend and provided a deep, bold coffee that was so enjoyable one bean brewder mistook his for a single origin.

We don’t often venture out on a Saturday to ‘brewd’ over beans and we were pleasantly surprised that we had such a great experience at such a busy cafe. Campos have great staff, great coffee and a great range of coffee to purchase. Next time you are in James Street, walk through to Wandoo Street and enjoy the coffee.

We give it 9 cool beans!

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