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BeanBrewding CHNOEspresso

The café scene has many establishments with clever names, CHNO Espresso in Newstead is one of them. You need to look at the artwork on the wall to discover CHNO is the chemical elements of caffeine. Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Oxygen … enough of the chemistry lesson.

Walking through the front door showed signs of a great Italian café—the Football World Cup was on the television. There’s plenty of visual stimulation with a two kilogram roaster, a range of freshly roasted beans in what looked like a pick and mix station (although we don’t suggest you pick and mix), an arcade machine, and recycled espresso machines painted in vibrant colours and made into seats.


The place formerly known as Divisione Tecnica used to repair espresso machines but found roasting and serving coffee to be more appreciated by the locals. Locals have a tab and use a massive blackboard to chalk up their tally after ordering their coffee. The staff are jovial and despite being up late watching football were good for a chat.


Steven sources green beans from a broker who buys direct from the farmer and roasts on-site. The house blend available on our visit was  75% Peruvian organic and 25% Nicaraguan. We ordered two lattes and a short black to sample it. Steven let us know he thought the flavours were not quite there yet as he had only just roasted it. The Slayer espresso machine with naked pour gave the coffees a great crema. The short black was syrupy with a chocolate after taste. The Lattes were smooth and easy to drink.


As no single origin was available that day round two brought back the house blend. The drink of choice for us at the moment is the shlong, so predictably we summoned a triangle of shlongs. They had the same profile as the short black but took longer to drink and longer to enjoy—the beauty of the shlong!


We always take turns at paying for the bill, today though: ‘who’s shout is it?’ To our enjoyment the game’s box lay on our table and on top was Pass the Pigs. The best way to settle any argument is a throw of Pass the Pigs. Just in case you were wondering a Razorback beat a Double sider!


CHNO Espresso in Newstead is a clever and fun place for your morning coffee. Get down here and be treated like a local!

We give 7.5 clever beans.

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