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There is little doubt that we like coffee and beer … and sometimes coffee beer. So when the opportunity arose to create three coffee beers with Bacchus Brewing Co., Manna Beans and Chiasso Coffee Roasters we jumped at it like a club mascot on a mini-tramp at Madison Square Garden. Having three craft beers for Christmas ensured another unique coffee tour event to finish 2015 … we thought topping the great coffee and cheese matching City Cat Tour would be difficult but …

First stop on the tour was Chiasso Coffee Roasters in Capalaba. We got to explore the variety in size shape and colour of green coffee beans, watch Andrew roast the Brazilian beans that gave rise to Beer No.1 and savoured some tasty espressos. With the magic of a drink blender, the cold drip iced coffee was magically transformed into a Nitro coffee that had the tourists buzzing … well that could have been the caffeine!


With the Brazilian still buzzing in the background, it was a short drive to find Simon and Flora from Manna Beans waiting with a bevvy of brewovers. The tourists learned the fine art of creating 3 different brews with the one device. We tasted cold and hot brews of the coffee beans that created Beer No.2.

There was amazing coffee flying everywhere … but wait did someone say, ‘Tea please!’ On a coffee tour … you cannot be serious. The tourists were amazed as the Brewover turned humble Cascara into a tea … and then fizzy Cascara tea … it could only mean on thing … the secret to Beer No.3!

It was time to introduce the boys from Bacchus Brewing Co. and for the three coffee beers to be unveiled. The tasting paddles came out with the 3 beers looking resplendent. But which coffee product went into which beer? It was time to taste and tell.


After much discussion and beer tasting, all was revealed:

  • Brazilian espresso roast – The Baccuccino
  • Very, very lightly roasted Colombian – The Green Bean Brown
  • Cascara – The Cascara Red

In a word the Christmas Brew Fest was climactic! If you want to be amazed and informed get yourself on a Brisbane Coffee Tour. Thanks again to our amazing hosts on the Brew Fest and everyone that contributed to the 15 tours in 2015 … hosts, tourists, photographers and supporters.

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