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Brewfest Feature

Christmas BrewFest 2017 was our third running of this prestigious event. We roasted the coffee that made the coffee beer, glassed (sipped cold drip coffee from wine glasses) the coffee that made the coffee beer, then sipped and savoured three coffee beers from the taps of Bacchus Brewing.

BrewFest 2017 beers included:

  • Timmy Ho’s Double Double featuring Chiasso Coffee
  • Scout’s Honour Saison
  • DHC Pale Ale

Huge thanks to Chiasso Coffee Roasters, Scout’s Honour Coffee Roasters, Delamauta Handcrafted Coffee and Tea, Bacchus Brewing Co. for contributing to this wonderful annual event.


Chiasso coffee

Coffee green bean

Latte art

Coffee roasting

Coffee glassing

Bacchus taps

Coffee talk

Thanks to Andrew Dahms for great photography and Chie Dahms for her barista brilliance.

Look out for BrewFest 2018 and plenty of other exciting coffee tours this year.

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