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Brendale is certainly a decent drive for southside coffee drinkers (maybe even northsiders) … but let me say, “it’s well worth the drive!” Cleanskin Coffee Company premises is primarily a coffee roasting venue with a clean and open area to taste the coffee they roast. The “café” part exists primarily to showcase their product line and business. If you are after an organic, artistic or grungy coffee lounge experience then a trip along South Pine Rd won’t meet your needs. If, however, you are keen to enjoy a well-rounded, holistic coffee experience with people who clearly know and love coffee then take the trip! The only coffee bags you’ll see are full of beans.

Cleanskin Roasting equipment

We tried La Perla, a single origin from Guatemala, recommended by the staff. They explained that it had a hint of chocolate with a clean, sweet finish. Hard to refuse! They use Maleny Milk, which is pasteurised but not homogonised because, even though it is harder to work with, it provides a much better final result. Well, when we tasted it … it was … was magnificent! A smooth, earthy taste with a sweet finish … no need for sugar, even if you always have it. The earthiness was almost channeling the volcanoes from Guatemala! An absolute pleasure to drink.

Cup of coffee

The coffee was made on the La Marzocco GB/5. Its dual boiler enables very good temperature control to optimise espresso brewing. Cleanskin roasters believe the machine works to combine the flavours and qualities of the beans to enhance the brewed result as opposed to deconstructing and breaking down the bean qualities they have experienced with other machines.

Cleanskin beans in glass bottle

Obviously you can buy beans as well. The cool thing is that 250g beans come in bottles, as glass doesn’t absorb odor. They also recycle the glass, so if you  bring the bottle back you get a $1 off your next order! You can also look through one piece of glass to watch the roasting and packaging process or look through another piece of glass and play an ‘old school’ arcade game … for free. Cleanskin also run monthly coffee appreciation sessions that are focused on helping people to get the best from their home coffee experience. Check out their Facebook page for details.

For the complete coffee experience, we give 9 beans out of 10!

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