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Bean Brewding was established in 2010 when we started exploring West End coffee shops to escape work. We couldn’t believe the amount of amazing local cafes and coffee shops to choose from and spread our wings across Brisbane and beyond. So we set about trying to find out what makes the perfect coffee experience. Does the experience depend on the origin and roasting of the bean? The equipment used to brew? The Barista? The location and cafe environment? We aim to provide you answers to those questions as well as promote the Brisbane coffee scene and its quality and quirky establishments.

Additionally, we review coffee shops and local coffee roasters. The coffee roasting industry is massive and competitive. We’re keen to give the little guys some acknowledgement and support. Our readers are often asking about our favourite places to enjoy great coffee, so check out this coffee blog.

We’re always keen to discover new places and new coffees. If you have a ‘must visit’, ‘must see’ or a ‘must try’ let us know … we’ll be sure to check it out.

If you’d like to find out more about coffee, check out our Brisbane Coffee Tours. Our connections within the Brisbane coffee industry have enabled us to create behind the scenes coffee tours for people with a love of coffee and a desire to know more.

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