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The ACF coffee cups have arrived! What a completely painless exercise. It was simply a process of a few emails, payment and hey presto the Brown 108M cups arrived a few days later. They look fantastic and are lovely to hold. People are very impressed when they get the coffee I made for them in a ‘café’ style cup.

In terms of the coffee experience, the cups do make a difference! I was amazed at the way the milk poured effortlessly into the cup and entwined with the crema almost artistically. For a moment, I felt like a hotshot barista … until I my joy with the cups was broken by the realisation that the milk was pouring over the top of the cup. That coffee was mine 😉

New cup & saucer

Seriously, ACF cups are a great addition to the coffee lover’s arsenal. There is nothing like drinking your favourite coffee in fine Italian porcelain. They were a great purchase and a winner with the person I gifted them to. They are easy to hold, keep their warmth and look fantastic. You can buy them locally in Brisbane – shop around and compare the costs.

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