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Please Note: The Coffee Guy premises is now occupied by Dangerbird Coffee. We haven’t had a chance to visit yet … have you? We’d be keen to know what you think. Hit us up on Facebook and share your experiences.

A quaint suburban set of shops houses CoffeeGuy in Wooloowin. The decor inside had the feel of a coffee house from yesteryear. It had a homely vibe with a strong essence of coffee … It was like sitting in the warm belly of a freshly roasted Nicaraguan Maragogype.


CoffeeGuy is definitely an easy place to chill. The chilled surrounds led us to talk about many things including our theories on the air roasting influence on beans and how our recent cold drips seem to be narrowing the gap between themselves and espressos in an attempt to …. We digress. It was coffee time.


We had a great chat with the barista who was excited about the Indian single origin that was grown in a unique setting. It was recommended as black so it was a long black, doppio and long macch … Just to mix it up a bit! It was a bit like Indian surprise … It seemed to be standard and give somewhat of a coffee hit and then it sweetened on the palate and left a buttery feeling in the mouth. It got better and better as it cooled. The cascading milk through the rich, black macch provided more sensory excitement.


CoffeeGuy has 3 blends and a single origin on offer to tempt your palate. There are no filter options to drink but plenty on the well stocked shelves. So it was a different blend for each bean – short black on the Costa Roaster – the lightest end of the blends, a piccolo on the Italian – the darkest and an iced coffee on the Signature – the piggy in the middle! The iced coffee was like Cafe Grande ice cream in a cup … Just the thing to cool down a heated theory swapping discussion.


There was a little Has Garanti roaster on site but we learned that it was on loan after a bit of a roasting fire … the hazards of coffee! The coffee guy was also doing some roasting at Octane Coffee Co. If you want to smell the roasting experience, Monday and Wednesday are most likely roasting days but as they roast on demand … you never know. CoffeeGuy in Wooloowin is a relaxing place in the suburbs to be enveloped by coffee.

7.5 beans out of 10

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