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BeanBrewding CoffeeBikeTour Sep14

It was a warm and sunny day in September just right for the innaugural Cycling Coffee Tour of Brisbane or Le Tour de Café. Cyclists arrived early to Overend Street in Norman Park and were welcomed by Adam and their first coffee for the day. The tour passports were handed out to the ten cyclists and they discovered their itinerary for the day.

Fiona from Brisbane Bicycle Tours arrived ready for the abridged bay loop that covered 50 km at about 20 kph. Many cyclists fueled up on one of the best avocado on toast in Brisbane, ensuring they had sustenance for the ride ahead.

Dovetail on Overend

Focus: Cool coffee making equipment


Head barista Jered gave an up close and personal demonstration of the cool coffee preparation equipment at his disposal. The sublime coffee is firstly attributed to Uncle Joe’s Coffee that is specifically roasted to maximise the flavour of the beans … apparently it’s all about the expansion phase! Nuova Simonelli Mythos One grinders measure to a tenth of a gram and prevent ground beans heating up. The Nuova Simonelli T3 and it’s innovative three parameter temperature system ensures espresso extraction and milk texturing make a consistent incredible cup.


Wowed by the cool coffee making equipment and Jered’s latte art, it was time to don the helmets, mount the bikes and head to Wynnum and fulfill the ‘cycle’ part of the tour.

Dramanti Artisan Roaster

Focus: Same coffee, different tastes


Not perturbed by two punctures the tour arrived at Dramanti Artisan Roaster. Dragan was waiting and eager for us to cup the  coffee he roasted specifically for the tour. He roasted the same green bean, an El Salvador single origin to four different profiles. We learned the ritual of coffee cupping, got to slurping and attempted to describe what we were tasting.


Three of the profiles were for espresso coffee – each having been roasted at different lengths of time. Dragan explained the different roasting time and temperature changes and its effect on the beans. One was roasted for too long and our challenge to was to find the culprit. The fourth was roasted for filter coffee evident by the grounds not rising to the surface of the cup.


Dragan talked through each cup describing his taste experience. Was it Fruity? Spicy? Floral? Earthy? Caramel? If it was woody, we found the culprit and accomplished our challenge. Many tourists commented on their amazement about how the same coffee bean could have so many different flavours. The ‘coffee’ part of the tour had proved interesting and tasty … and there was more to come. Time to ride to the final venue in South Bank.

Rouge Coffee

Focus: The roasting experience


Brent being a cyclist himself knew what was required and had chopped fruit ready for our arrival. What a champ! He got the coffee orders started too and everyone was encouraged to try something new. Everyone went for black coffee (longs, shlongs and shorts) and sipped on a tasty single origin from Panama as Brent roasted the same exact same bean.


He pulled the beans out of the roaster at different intervals, noting times and temperatures, we could see the roasting transformation in the changing colour of the beans for our very eyes. We were impressed by the amount of heat a coffee bean retains. ‘They could be used in a hot stone massage’, one tourist joked. He probably needed it after the ride.


The freshly roasted beans were bagged for everyone to take home to make a cup of coffee, knowing exactly who roasted it and when. The tour was officially over for the day, a unique experience combining the passions of cycling and coffee. The tour was best summed up by this comment from one of the tourists:

Great ride with a few coffee stops. Awesome way to spend a Sunday morning. The boys at Dovetail, Dramanti and Rouge really love coffee and coffee culture. Very knowledgeable and passionate. When’s the next one?


Bean Brewding would like to thank Dovetail on Overend, Dramanti Artisan Roaster and Rouge Coffee for their hospitality, commitment, versatility and passion for coffee … and sharing it with the tourists! Thanks to Brisbane Bicycle Tours for their partnership and support for the Cycling Coffee Tour of Brisbane concept.

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