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BeanBrewding DovetailOnOverend

Dovetail on Overend in Norman Park has been created with the experience from reviewing over 170 coffee shops. Bean Hunter champion Adam Thomson and his wife Rejoice have opened their own cafe for the Norman Park locals to enjoy. Does this mean the hunter turns the hunted? You may see some familiar faces at the Overend Street cafe. Adam has assembled an experienced team including Mark bringing his famous Uncle Joe’s coffee and Uncle Joe’s milk.


The cafe dovetails in with an office, in what looks like an old corner store. It reminded us of CoffeeGuy in Wooloowin. The beautiful wood rectangle visible from the exterior invites you, almost draws you in for a coffee. The Nuovo Simonelli T3 is in full view, a unique setup pleasing for a coffee lover to see the barista perform his craft.


The coffee on offer is Uncle Joe’s Hey Joe blend and two rotating single origins and special blends for espresso and filter. The brew bar is set up for AeroPress options at the moment. The Hey Joe blend has been created to taste great in both white and black coffee. The short black was syrupy sweet and easy to drink, extracted perfectly without bitterness. The Latte is made on a double shot of espresso, it was smooth with a hint of fragrant spice. The long macchiato was sensational – smooth and delicate. After struggling to find decent espressos in New York City, this was the best coffee one bean has had since being back on home soil.


The AeroPress arrived beautifully presented in a stainless steel goose neck kettle on wooden board with stunning glassware. Such presentation needs to follow-up with flavour and we were not disappointed. The Banko Dhadhato Yirgacheffe is roasted by 3rd Crack and sourced by Cartel Coffee Roasters. The flavour hinted of blueberries, it was delicate and a joy to the end. Jered took the time to share his AeroPress recipe like all good baristas should.


True great coffee shops demand a third round and today was no exception. Bring on the shlongs in triplicate! Made on the Hey Joe blend this was another contender for the best shlong in Brisbane.


Everything has meticulous attention to detail like the glassware from France and the Mythos1 grinders that are among the first to hit Australia. Every day feels like a weekend, the seats are full of locals and their children and dogs. The food preparation license was granted a couple of days after our visit, so you can order your breakfast as well.

Dovetail on Overend in Norman Park is an experience to savor and you won’t want to leave. We score 9 beans!

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