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After a visit to Dramanti Espresso in the city, heading to the Wynnum shop was on the must-do list. A word of warning, it is a little more difficult to locate than it’s city sibling. There is a driveway off Tingal Rd that is directly opposite Edith St, and there you will find a park and see the Dramanti Artisan Roaster umbrella, and the doorway to a great suburban coffee experience. Inside we are greeted to an industrial yet cosy feel and more laid back than the city cafe – the odd train going past adds to the industrial feel – and the silhouette of Dragan on the door is an artistic link between the two. Looking down the cafe, you notice the coffee sacks and small 8kg roaster directly ahead of you. There is something pleasurable about drinking coffee at the roasting source. Plans are afoot to get another smaller roaster for specialty coffee beans … keep a lookout for that!

doppio.jpgWe had a good chat about coffee in the hopper and how to best to drink it. We were keen to try the house blend – 19 20 20 (inspired by the Grates) – big fans! Coffee beat music and we went with the recommendation of the LaBamba which was a blend of Sumatran and Brazilain (which reportedly adds sweetness on the palette), and best served black. Sounded good! “How about a doppio?” we asked. “It would be awesome as a doppio,” was reply. And it was – great crema, subtle aroma, definite sweetness from the Brazilian, and great coffee punch at the end. The barista created the masterpiece on a La Marzocco Strada, which he thought was a top class coffee machine. It was such a great coffee, it was hard to go past the same choice. So it was another LaBamba doppio – yummo!

Brewing the doppioWhat a great coffee option for the bayside! This is a great place to visit on the way back from a stroll along the Esplanade, on a beautiful winter’s day, or just because you enjoy coffee and happen to be in Wynnum. Actually, the coffee is the real reason you need to visit! Great staff who know their stuff and clearly love to chat about all things coffee.

We were interested in buying some beans and we bought the roasted Aussie Bundja beans sourced from Mountain Top Estate for three reasons:

  1. Environmental (low travel) and supporting the local industry
  2. The roaster was sooo excited about the beans (we got to touch and smell the green beans straight from the sack)
  3. Our host at the Campos cupping course told us this estate is the best coffee producer in Australia.

We give an enthusiastic 9 beans!

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