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We love to go to coffee premises where there is a great vibe coming from both clients and staff. Elixir Coffee is one of those wonderful places. At Elixir you can sit in the lounge (cafe feel), roasting room (warehouse feel) or outside under the black umbrellas. Walking into the counter area we were welcomed by a real buzz. All blends roasted on premises are on display in, what looks like, an old ice block freezer with the sliding glass top cover. The on-site roasted beans sit in bays with their name and tasting notes available to review. It was the coffee lovers version of an ice cream shop! What to have?? Thankfully the helpful counter staff and one of the brothers who own Elixir aided our decision. Elixir’s motto is ‘coffee for the soul‘ and it was abundantly clear that the owners have a passion for coffee and the coffee experience, that comes from the soul!

20120602-164345.jpgThere was no roasting to view on the Saturday we went, so we planned another visit to check out the 20kg Petroncini roaster in action. It was well worth it, as we got great info about the roasting process from both brothers. The most interesting fact was that around 20% of moisture is lost in the roasting process yet the beans expand in size.

We tried Santa Clara Antigua, a single origin from Guatemala that was shade grown. Not only were our flat whites beautifully presented, they were accompanied by the tasting card to provide us with interesting details about our coffee. Nice touch! According to the card, our coffee had notes of rich vanilla berries. Someone replied, “I don’t care about that. I just want no bitter after taste! There isn’t – this is delightful.” Their cup was drained almost before I finished reading the tasting card. The coffee was a perfect temperature and milk well textured. There was a subtle aroma and full bodied coffee flavour that smoothly tailed off leaving a desire to take another sip.

Cup of Elixir Single origin

Our piccolo partner returned a few days later. The Velluto blend, that translates into “velvet” was a great blend to drink even though not an award winner. He was less enthusiastic about his second cup, the single origin – Santa Clara Antigua. It was not as good as the first. We value consistency of cup and experience – how important is that to you?

Elixir La MarzoccoThe coffee was brewed using a La Marzocco and as we know, the Cleanskin roaster believes they enhance the brewed result! I ran into a cycling buddy who confessed Elixir was his ‘local’ and it was always busy because the coffee is great. The owner supported this testimonial by showing us the three awards they have won in the last 6 months – 2 for the Espresso blend and 1 for the family named Narciso blend. To support the coffee flavour, Elixir maintain four separate grinders for the different blends on sale – organic, decaf, the blend of the day (they rotate across their product range rather than a single offering) and the single origin. Although nestled in an industrial area, its ‘looks’ mask the hidden treasure within. It is one of those places where you can sit and enjoy more than one coffee!

We give 8.5 soul-full beans out of 10!

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