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Costa Noosa Espresso is a specialty roaster and coffee shop located at the idyllic Sunshine Beach. With family living on the Sunny Coast, there has always been lots of chatter about the best coffee in the Noosa area. My niece, a coffee devotee and barista, swears Costa Noosa is the pick! We met there recently and they were roasting as we walked in. The smell was refreshing, almost as much as the swim at the beach. We sampled some of the beans available and I was convinced that purchasing beans for home had merit. I had a great chat to the barista about the beans on offer. He asked about the machine, the style of coffee we liked, etc. He was very informative and recommended the Espresso Noosa, their signature blend created from South American beans. Apparently the balance and consistency of South American beans, ‘make them the foundation of good coffee blending’.

Costa Noosa Espresso blend

Espresso Noosa has fine pedigree, as it won silver in the Espresso category 2010-11 at the Golden Bean awards. The beans are roasted to deliver a rich and velvety crema with a full-bodied smooth flavour sure to suit all palates. When put to the test, there is no doubt the blend delivered a wonderful, and yes velvety crema. We tried the coffee a number of ways, both black and white. As an espresso, the doppio was enjoyable and the best black option. However, the creamy character of the espresso with subtle chocolate flavours seemed to combine perfectly with milk-based options. After a bit of testing … I mean drinking, as flat whites, long black with hot milk on the side, lattes and piccolos … there was one drink that channeled the atmosphere and environment of the picturesque Sunshine Beach.


Our favourite place to enjoy our morning coffee is on the front deck overlooking our vast empire … well camelias and mock oranges in the front yard. The piccolo seemed to bring out the best balance of flavours and coffee enjoyment of the Espresso Noosa blend. It somehow transported us out of the suburbs and onto the wonderful deck at Costa Noosa to feel we were taking in the cool breezes and beautiful vistas of the Sunny Coast. If you can’t get to Sunshine Beach, you can order online and live the dream. Espresso Noosa is a winning blend that will suit a range of palates!

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