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BeanBrewding Esprosini

Update: The venue that was Esprosini is now Konnigans Cafe. We have not been to the new cafe yet … If you have been, feel free to let us know via twitter or instagram.

What’s that? A mobile blackboard for Esprosini Coffee Roasters in Kelvin Grove. It’s often amazing how you stumble onto coffee gems in Brisbane. Piccolo Pal was heading home from work and saw the sign out the corner of his eye and immediately, almost intuitively, the car took a sharp right to find the coffee.


A quick reccy and 2 bags of beans later, the Bean Brewding hotline lit up – ‘The beans are exquisitely roasted, we gotta go.’ We converged and found Esprosini at the front of a new industrial estate with an outdoor area leading to the coffee shop and the Roastmax roaster. Inside was like a fusion of Puk Espresso, because of the art gallery, and Bellissimo Coffee, because of the inconspicuous mezzanine level.


With the hoppers void of single origins, we went for 3 long Macchiatos on the Out of Africa blend. The lure of beans from Burundi in the blend proved overwhelming. There was depth of flavour up front that mellowed out as it cooled.


While we were discussing the next course, Mario arrived with two short macchiatos on a single origin from Cuba, grown in the mountain region of Provincia de Guantanamo. We didn’t have to order them, what great service! It was a winner – there was a subtle, earthy spiciness. As we were joking that our first Cuban was a coffee, Mario said that tobacco aromas were particularly apparent when the husks separated during roasting.


We had to try the house blend – the Roastmaster’s Edition, as lattes. The blend works perfectly with milk – it was easy drinking. If you like milk-based coffee, then this blend will leave you happy.

Esprosini is a coffee oasis in the industrial setting. The homeward detour to seek out this coffee roaster in Kelvin Grove, proved to be a stroke of genius.

We score Esprosini 8 ‘exquisite’ beans.

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