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Esprosini Beans

Esprosini Coffee Roastery is a boutique coffee roastery run by Greek Cypriot husband and wife duo Mario and Pauline Chrisanthou. Located right near The Coffee Laboratory on Bishop Street, and not far from Roost Coffee, Kelvin Grove seems to be a suburb for coffee lovers. According to their website:

we adopt the method of allowing five days for degassing and elimination of excess carbon dioxide, before we distribute our coffee beans. This has the added benefit of allowing the natural coffee bean oils to settle, producing a healthy glossy appearance.

Attention to detail is what we love from a coffee roaster. I walked in knowing what I wanted, a medium roasted single origin bean suitable for my AeroPress. Unfortunately head roaster Mario was not in, fortunately Lennie is very knowledgeable and informed me that most of their single origins are of medium roast perfect for AeroPress.


When I mentioned I had never had a bad Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, the Ethiopian Longberry Harrar seemed the next best thing. I mentioned the importance of fresh coffee and so out the back Lennie went to fetch me a bag of beans roasted just yesterday. “How do you store your coffee?” I was asked. “Make sure you rest this one for seven days until you drink it” I was told. “Since you like your Ethiopian coffee I will give you this one to try as well. Let me know how you find it” I was instructed.

I walked out feeling satisfied and excited about tasting coffee from a roastery who cared so much.

I got home and pulled out the AeroPress. I dialed in the Sunbeam burr grinder to 15 and flicked the switch. Already the aroma suggested earthy spice just like the tasting notes indicated. My AeroPress method begun:

  • boil the kettle
  • get the scales out and weigh 16g of coffee
  • get 2 jugs out
  • kettle boils, pour hot water into an inverted AeroPress and both jugs to warm them
  • leave for 2 minutes until water drops to 87 degrees
  • remove water from 1 jug and the AeroPress
  • tip coffee into the AeroPress, slowly pour water from jug over coffee until nearly full
  • stir for 30 seconds to give a nice head and top up with water
  • place steel mesh filter on top and then plastic cap
  • invert AeroPress and place on the empty jug
  • press down for 30 seconds at an even pace.

I was very pleased with the outcome, the quality was as good as I have ever had with earth and spice coming through finishing with chocolate. It had me licking my lips for half an hour afterwards, a true sign of a great roast.


Soon after I decided to see what it was like as an espresso. I poured a doppio and was just as impressed. The espresso seemed to exert more of the wine characteristic as described in the tasting notes. Even afterwards while cleaning the grinder I was wowed by the lingering redolence.


The Esprosini cafe and roastery has a big range of blends and single origin beans to purchase, you can go online too –

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