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If you think the greater Brisbane area is the only place to have a great coffee experience, think again! We have known the peeps behind Extraction Artisan Coffee in Slacks Creek since our very early coffee tour days. As a result, we eagerly monitored social media to track the progress of Extraction from idea to reality to what has become a vibrant coffee space in Logan City.

La Perla

We have made the trek down the M1 a number of times to visit Extraction and enjoy the in-house roasted specialty coffee and the cool space. If you’ve been, you’ll know there is a real passion for the coffee, the food and the people who live and work in Logan.

La roaster

If you have a passion for coffee, get yourself down to Extraction. There is a coffee and brew method to suit your palate! There is the very easy drinking Milk blend (50-50 Brazilian/Colombian), Black Steel for Zoolander fans … which is a seasonal single origin for those that like milk free espressos. The Colombian La Perla single origin was an absolute pearler as a shlong and was the start of our long and relaxed coffee experience. There are also rotating single origins for filter brews.

La pour over

Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time. The relaxed vibe and tasty coffee makes it hard to extract yourself from this place! We did eventually make a move … to the brew bar to watch Danny prepare a delightful Ethiopian as a pour over.

Latte art

There is something sensorily (maybe not a word but hey) mesmerising about the smells, sights and sounds of the brewing of coffee in front of you. The taste buds were well-prepared by drinking time and weren’t disappointed. The delicate fruitiness enveloped our tongues. On a separate visit, we had an El Salvador coffee prepared the same way … with the same result … coffee bliss!

Filter coffee

Extraction might have been one of the first business names that popped into the heads of the business owners but they don’t take it for granted when it comes to preparing your brew. There is attention to detail about preparation and presentation about everything they do, including sourcing coffee beans that have cupping score of 85 or over.

Pour over

When talking to Alex over the espresso machine, he said, ‘Coffee brings people together and we aim to provide a relaxed space where people can can do that.’ He then quipped, ‘coming together is only the beginning … enjoying the coffee and the experience so that you come back … well that’s success!’

Coffee roaster

We shared some long macchiatos with long time Logan locals who declared, ‘we’ll definitely be back.’ If you want to discover what the Logan locals are raving about, fuel up and head to Extraction Artisan Coffee in Slacks Creek and simply enjoy!

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