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Bean Brewding’s Flavour of the Month for April 2015. This month we were treated to a bunch of awesome coffees. It was too hard to narrow down to 3 … so we decided to add a bonus coffee, with a unique twist, for April. Our flavourite coffees this month were:

Brazilian Yellow Bourbon

Neli Coffee – Clontarf

This was a filter roast from Neli that we bought for home brewing. This was most delightful as a pour over on the Kalita wave. The subtle stone fruit flavours made this coffee easy sipping during the pre-work chaos. It was a tasty touch of the peninsula in the Brisbane breakfast ritual.


Kenyan Kii

Fort Specialty Coffee – North Lakes

This Coffee Supreme roasted coffee has made our flavourites before – so at least we’re consistent! The neat thing is that Fort have adopted an American style preparation. They prepare a batch of brewed coffees and then store them in a thermos for quick an easy access when the baristas are under the pump. Novel and tasty!


Old School Blend

Cleanskin Coffee Company – Brendale

It’s always great to have choice of coffee. Cleanskin rotate single origins and blends. This month the Old School blend made a trip to the menu board. As its sometimes nice to go old school, a double shot flat white was the recommended subject. It was superb and really delivered on the promise of savoury caramel flavours.


Bonus Flave – Baccuchino

Bacchus Brewing – Capalaba

A  Colombian single origin from Blackstar made its way into this amazing beer. You got the froth and chocolate sprinkles of cappuccino with the wholesome goodness of beer. This was a taste sensation … we’re starting to grow fond of coffee beers since the bespoke coffee tour.


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