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Bean Brewding’s Flavour of the Month for April, or more affectionately known as our Flavourites, include:


Grindhouse Specialty Coffee – Stones Corner

With the warmer weather still lingering in April, the wonderful blend on offer at Grindhouse was also available as cold drip. What a delightful drop … one bean had milk at the ready but no need, the black version hit the spot. Grindhouse, in some ways, is still a ‘hidden’ gem. A great place to chill or meet for business … the service is always friendly and the coffee always great!

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Nessun Dorma

Nessun Dorma Coffee Roaster – Yeronga

It was great to be back in Brisbane and close to some great espresso choices (someone’s bean to NYC). Heading back from the ANZAC Day service, exiting the train for an early morning coffee at Nessun Dorma was an absolute must … first there as the doors swung open. Great coffee … still!


Workshop Espresso

Workshop Espresso – Sydney CBD

Every time one of the Beans and his wife travel to Sydney, the tiny Workshop Espresso bar on George Street is always a must-visit! Serving up a wide range of Toby’s Estate beans, the vibe is pumping and there is always a swarm of CBD workers lining up for their lattes, piccolos, plus a sweet treat or two.


Single O

Single Origin Roasters – Surry Hills NSW

A second flavourite on one bean’s recent Sydney trip was Single O, who passionately roast their own beans and then meticulously produce amazing coffees and a range of meals! Although the Bean and his wife only had a piccolo and a shlong on one of their Kenyan single origins, the taste was worth the trek to Surry Hills. Considering the barista was weighing every single pile of beans destined for the group head as he was making coffees … well, enough said really.




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