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Aussie Coffee

Holy Caffeine Batman, can’t believe it’s Flavour of the Month time already! It’s amazing to think Spring is here already. During the last month of winter we were treated to a veritable smorgasbord of delightful beans and brews. We enjoyed our coffees this month with lots of great company. So what were our flavourite coffees for August 2015? Read on …

Blend of the Month (BOM) 715

Fonzie Abbott Fox St. Factory

We’ve long bean fans of the Fonzie Abbott BOM’s … and this one is no exception. Definitely more chocolatey notes compared to last month’s which made it a great blend for the home espresso machine. It also worked beautifully as Aero-spresso with milk … the extra brew time meant mornings were like taking a violet crumble bath for my tongue – chocolate with a hint of honeycomb! Bring on the September Coffee Tour.


Honduras El Diamante

Woolloongabba Social Club

Hot off the coffee roaster, this single origin was one of the latest offerings from the peeps at Coffee Supreme Brisbane. An enjoyable sweet coffee with hints of dates, honey and plum. With coffees like these to tempt us, we might have to start paying rent as the Social Club is fast becoming Bean Brewding Coffee Tour’s head office.


House Blend

Bass Espresso

If you want to enjoy the delights of The Single Guys coffee but don’t want to head to Kenmore, then Bass Espresso have got you covered with their delightful house blend. The house blend is bright and lively in taste and is always beautifully extracted and presented. It’s a relaxed environment to savour great coffee and watch the world go by or you can play the furniture … literally!


Unique 1 + 1

Puk Espresso

This was a 1 + 1 with a difference … and an Aussie spin! We were brewing some single origin beans grown in the Byron Bay hinterland in our trusty Aeropresses, when we were offered a chance to try the Moonshine blend as well. So it was black single origin, followed by a tasty piccolo on the blend … Wow what a great way to spend a Saturday morning. It might have been daylight but our senses were bathed in moonshine.


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