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Bean Brewding’s Flavour of the Month for February 2015. They are more affectionately known as our Flavourites and our flavourite coffees this month were at:

Beau’s Cafe

Beau’s Cafe – Caloundra

What a find! Strolling around King’s Beach we stumbled across this cool cafe tucked under a building near the surf club. To our delight they had Coffee Supreme Brisbane coffee on offer. With the Moccamaster being fired up, we went for the Kenyan Kii as the coffee of choice. It was delightful, delicate and fruity. What a way to start a perfect Sunny Coast day!



The Coffee Roaster

The Coffee Roaster – West End

We had tried the specially prepared ‘black’ coffee blend, affectionately known as Keeth, as a shlong on many occasions. After a long walk on a hot day, a fresh batch of Keeth cold brew had just been bottled. The blend of KEnyan and ETHiopian (i.e.KEETH) with heaps of ice made for refreshing and fruity caffeinated comfort.



Veneziano Coffee Roasters Queensland

Veneziano Coffee – West End

It was time to set out on our bespoke coffee tour reconnaissance mission. Before setting out we had to clear our heads with a morning coffee. The Rwandan single origin was given a stamp of approval by the barista and he suggested it as a pour over. And so it was! The clear, crisp coffee certainly cleared our head and sent us happily on our way.


Where were your flavourite coffees this month … use #flavourite and let us know!

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