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Bean Brewding’s Flavour of the Month for May 2015. This month we hosted a journalist from Singapore on a special Brisbane coffee tour on behalf of Tourism and Events Queensland. We also headed to Cafe Biz 2015 … so it was coffees galore this month … almost too many to recall. Anyway, our flavourite coffees this month were:

Ethiopian Koke

Coffee Anthology – Brisbane

This was a superb single origin roasted by Industry Beans served up as a piccolo. Joyce, the Singapore journalist loved the fruity flavour of the coffee. I asked her which fruit and she answered, ‘Durian.’ Say what? We’ve been drinking coffee for a long time and that’s the first time Durian was the fruit of note. You never stop enjoying the pleasures of drinking coffee with others!


Pramana Blend

Nat’s Coffee – Byron Bay

We met Nat at his Cafe Biz stall. Here’s a guy that is passion personified when it comes to talking coffee. He recommended we taste his new blend as black and white. He has worked tirelessly for months to create a ‘seasonal’  blend with coffee beans that are always available. This is a super blend all the way from Byron Bay that works superbly as an espresso, aeropresso or with milk.


Colombian Popayan Cauca

Blacksmith Specialty Coffee

A catch up on our upcoming Brisbane coffee tour led us to one bean’s latest find – Blacksmith at Mt Gravatt Central. There are strong connections to Bear Bones Espresso and its not just the coffee on offer. The Colombian was beautifully prepared by Brittany as a Chemex. It was delightful sipping in the warmth of another great suburban coffee shop that has clean lines and friendly staff.


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