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Bean Brewding’s Flavour of the Month for November, or more affectionately known as our Flavourites, include:

The Tiller

The Tiller Coffee at Alderley

The Tiller’s shipping container coffee shop has been a frequented hangout for one Bean in particular during the month of November. Enjoying everything from long macchiatos made on a one-off delivery of Proud Mary beans (all the way from Melbourne) to savouring a highly fragrant and delicious Honduran cold drip on a hot spring day. Visits have included a pre-Melbourne Cup function coffee hit, seeing a friend off before a two-month trip to Canada, plus a few visits just because it’s great coffee made by two exceptionally passionate and talented owners!



Plantation Coffee Roasters in West End

Superb Goblin on Bali single origin. Looked like cola tasted like chocolate. Oh and another wonderful chat with Shaf about photosynthesis and coffee trees … with a double shot of enthusiasm, just like the Goblin!


Nessun Dorma

Nessun Dorma Coffee Roasters at Yeronga

Nessun Dorma is quickly becoming our South side office. Tasty Indonesian single origin. If you haven’t bean there, the secret is out. Last two meetings, people have said, ‘I found this great coffee shop at Yeronga Village. Let’s meet there.’ No arguments there!


Cleanskin Coffee Co.

Cleanskin Coffee Company – Brendale

For one Bean Brewder Cleanskin Coffee beans are on the menu at home. Kenyan Machure filter roast has been through the AeroPress and cold pressed for 24 hours. Both methods result in honey sweetness with floral notes particularly evident in the cold press. Another sublime roast from the blokes at Cleanskin.


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