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Well Spring is here and it’s our first Flavour of the Month for the season! How good is it to enjoy your favourite beans and brews with a touch of warmth in the sun? We enjoyed some wonderful single origins this month, and plenty of them on our Spring Tour. What were your flavourite coffees for September 2015? Here’s ours …

Yirkim Blend

The Coffee Roaster – West End

This tasty blend of Yirgacheffe and PNG Kimel took pride of place in the kitchen for the first Spring month. It offered an easy drinking espresso with a hint of floral notes, just like the Spring morning itself. Piccolo was the dink of choice but the cafe au lait also offered a tasty alternative when the machine was having a rest.



Honduras Ovidio Gomez

Grindhouse Specialty Coffee – Stones Corner

It’s the first time we’ve collectively sipped coffee at Grindhouse since being taken over by new owners. With Proud Mary single origins being featured, we chanelled inner-city Melbourne in  the eastern suburbs. The pour over provided a smooth and delicate mouthfeel with a sweet sensation. Sipping our coffee from stemless wine glasses made us feel refined and added to a relaxing morning experience.



El Salvador Roxanita

Merriweather – South Brisbane

It was another single origin that took our fancy. This time roasted by Coffee Supreme Brisbane for espresso. So it was time for a long macchiato to enjoy this beautifully extracted coffee. It was like biting into your grandmother’s fruit cake … fruity with a hint of spice. It was a great accompaniment to the sunbathed trees and blue skies. Best enjoyed more than once during your visit!


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