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Ordinarily this time of year we reflect back on our flavourite coffee experiences and coffee shops of the past year. A new year brings a new twist. We thought we’d try to identify our flavourite coffees for 2014 … the caffeinated cups that created a cacophony of compliments. Seemed like a good idea at the time but choosing our flavourite coffees was harder than coffee shops! Anyway here are our flave coffees for 2014 … we’ve broken them into home and away categories and are in no particular order:


The Guatemala Santa Clara from Cup/Coffee Supreme was such a big hit with one bean he bought a bag for home. The roastery was clever enough to get their hands on the green bean processed three ways: natural, washed and honey processed. On the first sip, the sweetness of strawberry was apparent. When it cooled the flavours of stewed fruit and cooked pineapple became apparent, as predicted by the tasting notes.


Big Dawg by First Fruits Specialty Coffee was one of our favourite blends of 2014. With rich chocolate and hazelnut characteristics, this complex and full flavoured blend also had a fresh fruity and aromatic highlight that cut through the heavier flavours very nicely—even on milk! Just as good as a piccolo as it was as a shlong or even as a double ristretto, Big Dawg is made up of Brazilian Fazenda Laranjal (yellow bourbon), Costa Rican El Beneficio Don Mayo Estate (yellow honey), and Kenyan AA Doroman.



The Ethiopian Tabletop Sunny single origin roasted by Proud Mary Coffee Collingwood was lovingly prepared as a syphon coffee at Coffee Anthology. As soon as we sipped we knew it was worth staying for. Sweet strawberries popped from the cup, so sweet and delicate … a real delight.


The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Tchembe roasted by 8-bit and prepared as a pour over at John Mills Himself . When the bag opened, the aroma immediately made one bean want to eat the beans … what a hit of tropical fruits. Drinking it was a real treat, such refined high quality coffee roasted to perfection.


Clandestino roasted the Guji Berta OCR coffee beans from Southern Ethiopia and then prepared them on the amazing clover. We’ve had quite a lot of different filter coffees in our time, but this one was simply devine: delicate, soft, smooth, silky, amazing clarity of flavour, no heaviness whatsoever … it’s one of the best filters we’ve tried thus far.


Dovetail on Overend unveiled the Banko Dhadhato Yirgacheffe roasted by 3rd Crack and sourced by Cartel Coffee Roasters. The flavour hinted of blueberries, it was delicate and a joy to the end. Not only did we taste blueberry goodness from the AeroPress, we got the low down on the dosing, stirring and pressing regime too.


The Geisha sourced by Ninety Plus and roasted by Veneziano was served as a pour over at Jacu Espresso. Some Geisha’s can be all talk and no walk … this one walked us to the moon! The higher dose in the pour over recipe brought out more body and opacity. After tasting you won’t need another coffee, this was one to savour. Even a devoted latte drinker would love it.


Another great year in Brisbane coffee is over … looking forward to 2015 and a more amazing coffees, flavourite coffee experiences and coffee tours.

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