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Update: Grindhouse is now the offspring of the Odyssey Project coffee roasters. The new blend on offer is 50% PNG Kimmel Estate – so there is a connection to the original Grindhouse blend. The cold drip on the Kimmel was super! We will head back soon and sample the new experiences.

Grindhouse Specialty Coffee is one of those hidden gems of the Brisbane coffee scene. It is tucked away near the drive-in bottle shop of the Stones Corner pub off Stoneham St. It looks like it was a loading dock in a past life. It may be hard to locate but persist until you do –  it’s worth the adventure. There is an outside area with tables and chairs as well as the inside area which is adorned with a variety of coffee sacks. Grindhouse has had a bit of a makeover since our last visit, fortunately the welcoming staff and layed back vibe has remained! As well as the different paint job, there are different beans. Beans are now sourced from Supreme Roasters at Yatala.

The new signature blend is sourced from four origins with the PNG Kimmel Estate forming the foundation of the blend. We have tried the Kimmel Estate as a single origin at Bunker, so we were keen to try it out. Kenny told us he had tried a number of bases to get the blend right and he assured us this one is the best so far. He liked the strong berries and caramels it offered the consumer. The flat whites were brewed using a La Marzocco and on appearance were up to the usual high standard. The best accolade came from a friend, who is a very discerning coffee drinker and doesn’t like to be lured away from his local fave! He said, “Ooh, that’s really nice!” We had to agree, the rich coffee flavour based on the Kimmel was a delight. This is close to one of the best signature blends going around.


I backed up for the single origin – Costa Rica Tarrazu Calibri. Kenny indicated that it was not the best single origin they have had and advised a macchiato or piccolo if milk was required, otherwise a short black as a doppio would bring out the wonderful floral tones. I went for the doppio. There is no doubt the brewed cup delivered a great aroma and rich crema. It provided an earthy yet bitter hit without the bitter aftertaste. I’d have to agree, it wasn’t the best single origin in town!


If you are ever in Stones Corner, make the effort to walk past all the other coffee shops on the main street and head down to Grindhouse.

We give it 8 ‘supreme’ beans out of 10!

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