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Cup Santa Clara Feature

It’s an exciting time for coffee at the moment with the seasons changing and new fresh single origin coffee hitting the roasters. Cup Coffee Roastery was our flavour of the month for August and the Guatemala Santa Clara is largely responsible. The roastery has been clever enough to get their hands on the green bean processed three ways: natural, washed and honey processed.The natural Bourboncito variety is from the Antigua region and is sourced straight from the farm and producer Ricardo Zelaya.

I took home a bag of the natural processed coffee beans roasted for the filter method. I decided to try it both AeroPress and pour over through a V60.

barista equipment

First up, and my favourite method, the pour over. I love the theatre and tactile nature of making a pour over coffee. As soon as I open the bag a waft of fruitiness indicates good times ahead. I set the Porlex mini hand grinder to #9 and grind out 18 grams of coffee. The Bona Vita gooseneck kettle heats up to 94 degrees celsius. My recipe is for 300ml in 3.5 minutes.

The appearance of the brew is clear and a brilliant pumpkin orange. Straight away, on the first sip, the sweetness of strawberry is apparent. When it cooled I detected a stewed fruit, cooked pineapple flavours as predicted by the tasting notes. This coffee is complex and one of the best filter brews I’ve had all year.

pour over method

Now for the AeroPress method. I grind 15 grams of coffee, #7 on the Porlex hand grinder. I use a steel mesh disk instead of a paper filter and 91 degree celsius water. This recipe makes 250ml with 30 seconds of steeping and 30 seconds press time.

As with the pour over I’m very happy. The appearance is more opaque which can be expected from using a mesh filter. I taste the same flavours as the pour over but with more body and less complexity.

AeroPress method

I preferred the pour over to the AeroPress as I had expected. Others will prefer the AeroPress, that’s the beauty of high quality, perfectly roasted single origin filter coffee. As mentioned the Guatemala Santa Clara is one of the best filter brews I have had all year. The most pleasing aspect is that you can take it home, brew it yourself and still be blown away by the coffee from Cup Coffee Roastery.

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