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Filter coffee drinking at work can be a chore sometimes, especially if you are supposed to be doing work! The Handy Brew tea and coffee maker was designed to make filtering coffee easier. It is similar to the French press method in that it follows the direct immersion brewing method. It is different in that there is no pressing required, instead it’s patented shut off system that will only dispense when placed on top of a cup. It is made of BPA free plastic and a double screened steel mesh filter which pulls out to make cleaning up easy.

I purchased my Handy Brew from Pourboy Espresso in the Brisbane CBD for $35, which seemed like a bargain. Like all filter brew methods you need to follow a good recipe with specific weights and times. My recipe produces a lighter brew suited to coffee with berries in the tasting notes, excellent chilled and sipped in summer.

weighing cofffee

I weigh out 15 grams of coarsely ground coffee, #12 on the Porlex hand grinder and set the kettle to 90 degrees celsius. I preheat the Handy Brew before pouring 80 grams of water into it. I tip in the coffee, give a gentle stir and allow to bloom for 30 seconds. I then pour 170 grams more water so the total water amount is 250 grams. I stir round and round to create a whirlpool and allow the coffee to settle at the bottom evenly.

filtering with the handy brew

At 1 minute 30 seconds I place the Handy Brew onto the top of a glass (I only use a glass for effect, you don’t have to) and watch the shut off system work it’s magic. The coffee is filtered completely at about 2 minutes 30 seconds.

So if you like filter coffee watch out for the Handy Brew and try my recipe for your refreshing summer iced coffee.

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