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BeanBrewding Merriweather

Underneath a new set of units overlooking Musgrave Park you will find Merriweather in South Brisbane. Part-owned by the man behind Cup Coffee, part-owned by Mairi MacKinnon you may think Merriweather is the original Cup Cafe all grown up. The other end of Russell Street is West End bohemian, the Merriweather end is not. The interior is suited to the stylish young crowds you will find gathered here along with the Kees van der Westen Spirit Triplette.


One thing you can guarantee is if Cup Coffee is in the hopper then you are in for a special coffee. The House blend is specially roasted for Merriweather, today we had the seasonal Five Star Day blend. At the moment it consists of 50% Ethiopia Wote and 50% Costa Rica Principe Azul. Latte Lad started with his namesake and found the latte to be quite subtle and smooth in flavour, yet without tasting weak—quite an interesting combination of qualities. The single origin on offer was an organic Bolivian Eight Estrellas from farms in Colonia San Juan. We had one long macchiato and one long black. The long macc was smooth and delicate … It was difficult to detect a stand out flavour. The long black made it easier to detect a candy sweetness, bringing the colour red to mind. The barista did justice to the bean and presented really good coffees.


We decided to taste the local fayre, something we have only done once before at Shucked. The food menu has recently been expanded to include more range and high quality ingredients… think duck ham with baby kale. No we are not becoming food bloggers. The wait staff are super attentive with food and coffee delivered fast and fresh. Credit to Mairi for a smoothly run cafe.


Second round of coffees brought Latte Lad a long macc, becoming somewhat of a routine for him. With our host sensing our love for filtered coffee she suggested we order the cold filtered brew.


It arrived in small medicine bottles and was a beautiful brown unlike any other bottled cold brew we had seen. The bottle was labelled identifying the single origin of the coffee. Through Twitter @CupCoffee told us the Kenyan Kangocho AA was brewed hot using the pour over filter method and then chilled and bottled. This was a real winner for the purists, it has no additives and enables the coffee to convey a clean sweet profile by itself. Stay on the look out for a greater range coming soon.


So if you love Cup Coffee and want to see a cafe grow up from one end of Russell Street to the other you should visit Merriweather in South Brisbane.

We give 8 ‘all grown up’ beans.

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