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Neli Entrance

If you live on the Redcliffe Peninsula and thought you were missing out on a boutique coffee roaster…  you’re not. Neli Coffee is located in Clontarf and beans are roasted on the premises about three times a week. The range includes signature blends, single origins, medal winners, Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Swiss Water Decaf – just ask for the Bean Menu. They have been in business for 10 years.

After I spent the morning in the cold winds fishing off the rocks with no catch, Neli Coffee was the perfect remedy. There is plenty of space to sit down and relax. The staff were willing to share their knowledge of coffee and ensure I was well looked after. The Neli team meet on a regular basis to brew and taste the beans to ensure they provide the best possible cup to each customer. If you are not sure, ask and you will get great advice.

Neli Coffee Diedrich Roasters

The premises is stocked full of coffee equipment to purchase and two 12kg Diedrich roasters in the back, one is automatic and the other is manual. There is a bench and seats where you can sit and watch the roasting process and chat to the roaster. There is a piece of glasswork on the counter that contains foreign objects extracted from the coffee including a bullet and an Ethiopian coin. The roaster’s favourite treat is the popped corn that often appears after roasting! The room is climate controlled to keep the beans fresher for longer.

Neli Coffee Shop

I first sampled the Brazil Ipanema Espresso single origin, Certified Rainforest Alliance and well-balanced. I noticed that the Barista had made my piccolo very well. I was suprised it only cost me $2.50! The temperature was just right and the milk did not get in the way of the mild acidity. I then sampled the Neli Signature Blend this time on a ristretto shot. This provided more earth than the single origin and was more to my liking. Both were easily drinkable and had minimal aftertaste which was pleasant. Another bean brewder visited not long after and had a similar verdict for the same beans. Consistency – nice! Neli Coffee use a La Marzocco espresso machine and can serve cold filtered over ice.

Neli Coffee Bean Menu

Neli Coffee beans are available for purchase at the roastery and from the Neli Coffee website. There are many regular blends to choose from and new single origins popping up all the time. Neli Coffee is the place to go for coffee enthusiasts who want to drink a big range of well made locally roasted coffee. There are expansion plans on the horizon including sourcing coffee from the Soloman Islands (they source vanilla from here too) and becoming a Registered Training Organisation to run accredited coffee related training.

Nice one Neli!

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