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Apr Walk Feature

Our second Brisbane Coffee Tour in April ran back to back with our first midweek coffee tour. This walking tour of the Valley was sold out, tickets snapped up by a group of friends who met through the church. Ironically the tour started at Reverends Fine Coffee.


Luke opened the doors and readied the pew early just for us. He then demonstrated pour over and AeroPress techniques and we drank some delightful coffee from Uncle Joe’s Coffee. Breakfast hit the tables with our espresso coffee of choice. We chatted about coffee food matching and our first tourist aged under 2 (No coffee for her!).

Brewed coffee

After a short walk to Bear Bones Espresso, Rosco was waiting for us and had the Probat roaster warmed up and the green beans at the ready.

Bear bones espresso

He talked about the Bear Bones ethos of carefully selecting green beans and creating roast profiles with flavours that suit the demographic of the coffee shops he supplies. The group each received a bag of freshly roasted beans to take home.

Roasting coffee

Last stop on the tour was Blue Sky Coffee for some coffee cupping. Manuela, Alison and Leila showed us how the industry cups coffee.

Blue Sky Coffee

We were armed with a clipboard to take notes, distinguish flavours and try to identify single origins.

Coffee cupping

With spoons in hand we scraped the crust, sniffed the dry aroma and slurped the steeped grounds. The reward for the person who identified the most origins received a coffee prize pack. The hard work paid off!

Cupping coffee

We would like to thank our hosts Reverends Fine Coffee, Bear Bones Espresso and Blue Sky Coffee. They showed up on their days off and prepared ahead of time to make the tour a memorable one. They exemplify the Brisbane coffee scene.

If you would like a coffee tour organised for your group of friends, get in touch, we offer group discounts.

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