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BeanBrewding Shucked

Update: Shucked is now Drinc Cafe. We haven’t had the chance to check it out. Let us know if you’ve been and what you think.

Shucked coffee shop in Newstead holds the record for the longest stay on our ‘Coffee Shop Target List’. So long in fact, we think they’re onto their third coffee supplier. Although Shucked Coffee House appeared in our black iced coffee special, we hadn’t collectively savoured the roasted delights. Although in the industrial area of Newstead, when you enter it feels more homey than factory. If the Brady Bunch shot an episode in their Grandma’s house, Shucked would be the perfect kitchen/lounge setting. The decor is funky yet unobtrusive.


We were looking forward to the coffee. A local VW worker once told a Brewder, ‘its the best coffee anywhere around here mate’. A chat with the barista revealed that the Darkhorse house blend from Mecca Espresso was best suited to shorter coffees, so Latte Lad went straight for a piccolo. He thought it had decent strength, yet still smooth and tasty. The Colombian El Faldon sounded tasty and the short macchiato was beautifully extracted by the La Marzocca. The coffee provided a buttery body with a sweet aftertaste … and the necessary morning coffee hit.


The Ethiopian, as a cold drip, provided a less acidic alternative start to the day. The light fruity flavours, typical of the origin were easy drinking and lived up to all the hype. We were swept up with the bustling brekky trade, as if by Alice in the Brady kitchen, and devoured some tasty treats to break our fast. Our first ever Bean Brewding meal … Is that a food blogger feeling coming on?


Phew! That was close, the aroma of the long macchiatos on an Ethiopian single origin snapped us back into the wonderful world of coffee like a Peter Brady towel flick. Another delightfully fruity coffee beautifully delivered. We went with the barista’s recommendation and he didn’t let us down … tasty post brekky coffee.


Like shucking husks off a green coffee bean, this was an easy place to while away the hours sipping and chatting. It reminded us of a fusion between two Kelvin Grove coffee shops – Roost and Esprosini. We definitely recommend getting Shucked. Whether it’s a brekky house with good coffee or a coffee shop in Newstead with good brekky … You’ll have to decide.

We score 7.5 groovy Beans.

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