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Street Lab Feature

UPDATE – Street Lab has change ownership. Information given on this page will be inaccurate.

It seemed like we spent more time at Street Lab Specialty Coffee in Fortitude Valley before they opened their doors to the public than after. We were there in the very early days creating coffee beer for the Christmas Brew Fest 2016 and then for the TV shoot with Laurel Edwards for the Great Day Out.

Street Lab

Finally the doors were officially open and time for a visit solely for the purpose of enjoying coffee and chatting. And enjoy … and chat … we did. The coffee roasted by Scout’s Honour was sublime. We enjoyed some smoking espressos … black and white. The Colombian single origin stood out with its smooth mouth feel and sweet fruitiness.

Filter coffee

The brew bar is a great place to chill and watch the action unfold before you. Not only does it look like an industrial art installation but serves as the perfect caffeine dispenser. Watching the water caress the grinds was mesmerising … particularly the two-handed brew by Nathan … coffee’s equivalent of patting your head and rubbing your tummy! The Kenyan was delicate and velvety and provided a wonderful conclusion to the brewing process. It was like walking on air … Jordans 🙂

Shoes for sale

We’ve crossed paths with JB, Nathan and Ethan many times through our coffee sojourns around Brisbane. They bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion to one place. If you want to treat your palate to something super special, hit the streets and head to the Emporium to seek out Street Lab Specialty Coffee in Fortitude Valley.

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