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Frisky Front

Frisky Goat Espresso is an inner city coffee shop on the corner of George and Elizabeth Street that we have walked passed time and again on the way to and from meetings.  A Twitter tip from a keen coffee follower prompted our visit. We were delighted to see Supreme Roasters umbrellas outside because we are big fans of their beans. With their recent shift around the corner, the umbrellas have disappeared, so look for the Goat … of the frisky variety!


The image of the frisky goat is a real visual winner! The frisky goat leads you into the foyer of an office building, and is a little tucked away from the hectic morning foot traffic. Jump out of the stream of people and try the coffee! As the sign says, ‘Specialty coffee without the ego’.

20120717-172510.jpgThe beans on offer were the Sweet Cocoa blend and a Kenyan single origin. We were keen to test the Kenyan, but fresh from the Campos cupping course where we had our fill of black coffees, but selected the blend. Putting the new found cupping knowledge into action that sweeter chocolate and caramel blends go better with milk, we went for a flat white. The name of the blend pretty much gives you the tip to order it as a white coffee. The coffees were brewed well by the barista using the La Marzocco. The coffee was very smooth and was balanced nicely with the milk. It was almost creamy with noticeable chocolate sweetness – definitely no sugar required.

Inside Frisky Goat coffee shopCoffee from the Frisky Goat was a pleasant surprise in the city. We are spoiled with wonderful choices in West End and rarely venture across the river. There is limited seating in the ‘drinking area’ as it is in a building foyer. You’ll find a bit of an echo, like talking in a can, but you soon get used to it when you get immersed in the conversation. Frisky Goat is a great alternative to the big coffee brands that run-a-muck in Brisbane’s CBD.

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