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We got the tip for Toby’s Estate Espresso Bar in Brisbane from a number of social media sources. It was time to act on the virtual, and experience the reality. Once again, we battled the morning chaos of city life to get to the Albert St location. People regulalry peeled off to grab their Friday fix – we were rewarded and found sanctuary in the chaos of town. It was literally a step out of the hustle. The espresso bar provided a cool (as in funky) and relaxed setting. We could have been anywhere! As well as the standard espressos, Toby’s Estate offered a range of coffee drinking experiences – chemex, aeropress, syphon and V60. A modest Breakfast menu is available, but it’s the coffee that most people ordered, and for good reason – it was wonderful!

Toby's Estate Flat WhiteThe talk soon turned to coffee choices – there is no longer a standard amongst the Brewders! Following our visit to Mug Shots, we decided house blend first followed by the Single Origin. The Flat white and mocha on Woolloomooloo the house blend – incidentally the home of Toby’s Estate, so nice choice – was very enjoyable. Beautifullly textured with a smooth coffee flavour all the way. Our Mocha Mate was impressed. The coffees were a great start to Friday. Time for the single origin. When chatting with staff we learned this was no ordinary single origin – it was a Costa Rican Cup of Excellence (CoE) #30 San Pedro. We were excited. We were keen to know the best way to savour the cup of excellence. The response was gobsmacking – ‘Guys, It’s so good, it will be Toby's Estate Piccolopretty freakin awesome anyway you have it!’ We went doppio and piccolo. The moment of truth – the CoE arrived with the comment, ‘Got your seat belt on?’ We chorused, ‘Now we’re excited!’ He replied, ‘You will be and if you don’t like it, I’ll give you your money back!’ We didn’t ask for our money back – it was superb! It was such a joy to drink. We sampled each other’s choice and agreed, milk or black – excellent … We truly had cups of excellence at Toby’s Estate.

Toby's Estate InternalThe espresso bar has been in Brisbane just over ten months and offers a delightful coffee experience to city workers and dwellers. Even if you only go to the city infrequently, if you like coffee, you gotta sample Toby’s Estate coffee. A range of coffee courses are also available on premises if you are keen to go beyond drinking. Beans are also on sale including the house blend and single origins. For the bike riders, the espresso bar is opposite Bike Obsession in Albert St – two passions within easy reach.

We give it 8.5 ‘excellent cups’ of beans!

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