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BeanBrewding TwoTrees

Update: Two Trees has now closed. Single Origin Roasters from Sydney has taken over the space and are serving coffee on Fridays from 7.30-noon.

Wow … It was nearly two years ago we originally converged on Two Trees Espresso in South Brisbane. Well actually it was in a garage in West End. How Two Trees have blossomed in that time. Just as we have grown and got a new funky web space, Mim and Jordan at Two Trees have a new warm and intimate space on Merivale Street. Fortunately, we arrived the day after a brand new interior refurb guided by a local architect.


There is a sense of intimacy in the new layout even though it’s communal in design. Jordan said they had learnt a lot in their first two years of business … and how it shows. We too have learnt a lot in the same time period. We were reminiscing about the piccolos we had during our first West End visit, when our pour over on a Yirgacheffe from Seven Seeds arrived. Low and behold, piccolo glasses! A real déjà vu moment. The coffee was superb with a hint of peach that grew more pronounced as it cooled.


We’ve moved to black and Two Trees have moved to The Odyssey Project coffee as well as sourcing other specialty coffee beans. We decided to try another pour over on the Yirgacheffe from TOP as we watched the morning coffee crowd come and go and drew youthful comparisons with The Tiller. We were treated to another sweet and tasty pleasure for the palette. It seems Two Trees is easy to enter but hard to leave …


With a great desire to avoid work, we talked more about Bean Brewding Coffee Tours and decided on a shlong for the road. We got a bit more detail behind the new refurb including the secreting away of the La Marzocca to improve intimacy of the drinking areas. The shlong was delightful and delivered a creamy mouth feel – it was a great parting coffee.


In our first review we said, ‘Two Trees is definitely worth a visit and is not dwarfed by other coffee giants in the precinct when it comes to the cups on offer.’ That statement still holds true today. Another thing that hasn’t changed at Two Trees in South Brisbane is the delightful and welcoming environment … great hosts, great coffee.


Three Beans give Two Trees a blossoming 8 beans.

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