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Update: Uncle Joe’s Coffee House started life as a concept store … the concept succeeded and the coffee shop at Coorparoo has closed. The good people at UJs have a new venture on the horizon … stay tuned for that one … and a number of discerning coffee shops in Brisbane have their beans at the ready. We had great experiences at Uncle Joe’s and look forward to the phase of the concept!


In our 5000 view post, we included a poll to determine your favourite Brisbane coffee shop. The ‘other’ category yielded most responses and a new kid on the block was getting heaps of votes! We had to go … and fast! Following our visit to Uncle Joe’s Coffee House we were thinking about publishing our first 3 letter post to describe our experience – simply put, it was ‘WOW!’ We tried so much coffee and had so many chats it was a buzz, both physically and intellectually. If we tried to capture everything in our post, it would be a novel – ’50 shades of coffee’ …. maybe. Uncle Joe is a real uncle (seems we all have one) who, is in the coffee trade based out of Taiwan and, endeavors to source truly amazing coffee beans. The Coorparoo coffee house has been open for a couple of months. Mark and Adam are wonderful hosts and their passion for coffee permeates everything they do in the simple and understated coffee house. Mark referred to it as a ‘Concept store’ to see how people respond specifically to the unique coffee available.

Flat whiteAfter learning about Joe it was time to sit down and drink coffee. The start of the journey was single origin Rwanda Eastern Province. One flat white made on the strikingly awesome Mirage Veloce espresso machine and one filtered as a pour over. Our hosts use Cooloola Milk delivered from Gympie. Cooloola Milk is 100% Jersey cow and Adam says it is a dream to work with. The filtered coffee was served in a stainless steel pouring kettle accompanied by a timer. Mark explains the timer allows us to appreciate filtered coffee over a long period of time to allow the depth of flavor and aroma to develop and shine. The Rwandan set a high standard early, if only we knew things were to get even better.

Pour overLooking out the window a tall slim man rocks up on his bicycle, he knows how to bypass a parking palaver – it’s honorary Bean Brewder Adam Thomson! Now we had a party and to celebrate it was his customary triple shot latte. We backed up with flat white on the Supafly blend and single origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe grade 1 through AeroPress. Another degree on the freaking awesome thermometer went up, the flat white was a perfect combination of espresso and 100% Jersey cow. The Yirgacheffe was more delicate and complex and we loved it.

CoE #1Mark and Adam then joined the party with a gift from Nicaragua. Cup of Excellence rank 1, La Guadalupana, International jury score 91.13! While we blind tasted we talked about coffee growing, roasting, drinking and appreciation. Mark asked us to use ‘colour’ to describe the coffee as a way to unlock flavours. Meanwhile the C.O.E #1 was freaking amazing.

We could go on … but in reality you need to experience Uncle Joe’s for yourself. They roast the coffee beans at Ashmore under the name of 3rd Crack Coffee Brokerage and deliver the beans as wonderful coffee – filtered or espresso (Mark was involved in creating the Supreme blend at Grindhouse). The coffee house has been purposely left inconspicuous, because Mark and Adam want to focus on people’s responses and experiences to the coffee above all else. However, there is no understatement about the coffee, how it is created, served and presented.

We give Uncle Joe’s 10/10 ‘WOW’ beans!

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