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BeanBrewding CoffeeTourPhotos Mar15

Fortitude Valley offers a plethora of coffee options so what better place to hold a walking coffee tour. The focus of this tour was single origin coffee at three venues each having a different way to taste.

The tour began at Reverends Fine Coffee. Luke and Jason are advocates for appreciating coffee and the effort that goes into every cup. Jason demonstrated two filter coffee making methods and the group had the pleasure of tasting three coffees. An informative session with many of us taking tips home for our own coffee brewing methods.


After sipping and savoring fine brews it was time to leave for Bear Bones Espresso. Rosco is Bear Bones roast master and passionate about ensuring the origin of the green coffee bean is maintained through fine coffee roasting. Firstly, Rosco roasted the same Colombian bean two ways, one for espresso and one for filter brewing. The group was immersed in the science of roasting and got to take home two bags of the freshly roasted coffee.


Secondly Kurtis had three different single origin beans ready for cupping. The group slurped and sniffed coffee from Colombia, Ethiopia and Panama. It was interesting to find out what others tasted and which coffee they preferred.


The last leg of the tour was Blue Sky Coffee. The focus here was cold drip and cold brew coffee. Danny at Blue Sky had put on a cold drip the day before for the group to see the method in action. Blue Sky beautifully prepare their cold drip with sugar cane ice-cube and wedge of lemon. The coffee tasted today was Kenyan single origin.


Tour leader Glenn prepared the same Kenyan coffee at home using the cold brew method. The group got to compare the two methods and take the recipe home to try themselves. It was the perfect weather for cold coffee and a refreshing end to the tour.

If you love coffee, I highly recommend you join the Bean Brewding Coffee Tour!

Amazing experience of ‘from seeds to cup’ in our local area!


Bean Brewding would like to thank Bear Bones, Blue Sky and Reverends for hosting an enjoyable event. The Brisbane coffee scene is awesome because of you.

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