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Fa Breweder

With iced coffee proving a big hit in the heat, it seemed the next logical question was, ‘what about coffee iceblocks?’ After making home-made cold brewed and sparkling spiced iced coffees, it was time to break out the ice cube tray! ‘Are you serious?’ replied the eye-rolling Mrs Brewder. Mmmm … make ice blocks out of the coffee concentrate and use in iced coffees – both black and white. The idea being, that instead of watering the coffee down with standard ice blocks, the coffee ice blocks would continue to provide slow release coffee … a new take on a double shot!


But surely the coffee ice blocks would be cool in lots of summer drinks! Sitting down one evening to enjoy an Affogato with Frangelico – a caffeine induced epiphany!  ‘What about coffee ice blocks in a healthy slug of my favourite liqueur?’ But wait there’s more … the mind was racing! Frangelico, lime juice and ice makes an amazing cocktail … a Romano (a double espresso with a twist of lemon) has provided some amazing taste  sensations in the past  … I can feel a new coffee cocktail coming on! Caffeinate and Intoxicate … what a double!!


After a little playing around the FA Brewder was born!

The FA stands for ‘freaking awesome’ … apparently one Bean Brewder uses that term heaps, when describing coffee experiences! Essentially it is Frangelico, coffee ice cubes and lemon juice! You might need to play around with amounts to suit your palette. Use the recipe below as a starting point.


FA Brewder
Add 6-8 brewed coffee ice blocks to chilled glass
Pour over 1-2 nips Frangelico
Squeeze in juice of 1/4 lemon
Add a lemon wedge
Wait until the liqueur turns chocolatey in colour
Sip & Savour

If you try it, please let us know what you think … either by Twitter or commenting on this post. So if someone asks you, ‘what about about coffee iceblocks?’ … be prepared and have some in your freezer this summer!


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