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People often ask us, ‘what is sparkling coffee?’ but how did we get to sparkling spiced coffee … that’s the real question! You know the saying … one thing leads to another … it all started with cold drip coffee and how it could be brewed at home. You can check out that adventure new twist on ‘Home Brew’  here. Cold brewing coffee beans roasted for filtered coffee has a wonderful flavour sensation for our palettes. One sunny day, we tossed around the idea of mixing the brew with flavoured fizzy drinks. People produced quizzical looks and the idea was shelved …. Until … our visit to Roost Coffee and the amazing sparkling espresso. The cogs started turning again.

the spice for spicy sparkling coffee

Hot on the heels of the sparkling espresso was a visit to Ltd Espresso + Brew Bar …. Woohoo … sparkling cold drip coffee. Like, totally awesome. Our next visit, we were brave enough to float the fizzy drink idea and Luke said, ‘amazing idea, just try an opposing flavour to the coffee. Try spice with a fruity coffee, not a fruit flavour.’ The epiphany descended like a meteor through earths atmosphere. Mrs Brewding makes a wonderful chai tea with a range of spices. She came up with a blend of ginger, cardomom, cinnamon and cloves and let them bubble away. The result was an aromatic, reddish spiced concentrate. The fruity Ethiopian coffee, the spicy concoction and the sparkling San Pelliegrino … Senfreakinsational!

new version of spiced sparkling coffee

Now if creating your own spicy concoction seems all too hard, here is my recipe when Mrs Brewding is away – cold brew coffee + sparkling water + Ginger cordial. Refreshingly simple. So now, If people ask you ‘what is sparking coffee?’, you can say, ‘it’s so yesterday, spiced sparkling coffee is here to stay!’

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