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With summer upon us, Iced Coffee seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue. A number of wonderful Brisbane coffee shops have iced/cold coffee options on the menu, others have just added and others about to include. This summer – cool coffee options will be the hottest thing on the Brisbane coffee scene. The foodie’s guide to brisbane, foodies’ awards 2013 gives ‘best organic iced coffee’ to Blackstar Coffee Roasters. People often ask us, where is the best place to enjoy cold coffee? This post is a quick overview of cold white coffee that you can enjoy at a cafe. If your keen for ‘Black Iced Coffee’ check out the companion post!

The iced coffees recommended here are usually served as white, however we have asked for, and received, black with milk on the side. This option allows you to be brave and try black, knowing the milk is a fall back option.

Fifth Battery Coffee Roasters

Cold coffee options

Fifth Battery Coffee Roasters make their cold coffee on the Seasonal blend by immersing the grinds in water for 24 hours, a cold brew rather than cold drip process. The cold option is served with Agave for sweetness and milk as standard. We asked for CMOS (cold milk on the side) to try it black and enjoy the smooth coffee flavour. We think this is the best cold brew in Brisbane and inspired us to make our own cold brew at home!

Fonzie Abbott Espresso

Black and White Iced Coffees

The Fonzie Abbott Espresso version of iced coffee is an espresso made on the bean of your choice. It is then shaken with ice, a hint of vanilla and sugar – ‘cocktail’ style. We went with the Weekly blend because of the chocolatey flavour of the beans. We tried a black and a milk version, with the milk version the pick of the two. If you have never had iced coffee, this is a good place to start.

Campos Coffee


Campos Coffee provide a cold drip option on the house blend – Superior. What a presentation … the glass of coffee was joined by a little bottle of milk and an even smaller bottle of sugar syrup.  It was three drinks in one – you can drink it black, white and with syrup. Each taste offered a different drinking experience … a great place to start your iced coffee journey.

Uncle Joe’s Coffee House

Uncle Joe's Iced Coffee

The latest on the scene we tried was at Uncle Joe’s Coffee House. It is made on beans specifically roasted for their iced coffee option. They make the coffee using an AeroPress, then pour over ice and add the beautiful Cooloola milk. What an amazing flavour – hard to believe you are drinking coffee. The coffee is so fruity, the taste is amazing!

Stomp Espresso

Stomp espresso Iced coffee

If your in the suburbs on a hot day … seems we’re having a few … Stomp at Holland Park offer Iced Latte and Iced Coffee. Both are made by pouring espressos, made on the Forza blend from Veneziano. The latte is with milk and ice and the coffee has ice cream instead of ice, so your spoiled for choice. The iced latte was our choice and provided a cool concoction.

For Something Different … Cafe Ô-mai

O-mai Iced coffee dripper

If you are after a touch of Vietnam in Annerley – Cafe Ô-mai import coffee to create Vietnamese iced coffee! The imported coffee grounds are infused with hot water, which then drips onto the layer of condensed milk. When the drip is complete, you stir the coffee and milk together and pour over ice. It is a sweet coffee sensation … akin to Tia Maria on ice – yummo!

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