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In essence this post might become an homage to the Yirgy Bear blend proudly served at Uncle Joe’s Coffee House. As often happens in life, all good things come to an end – the Yirgy Bear has been replaced as the House Blend. Fortunately, I was able to enjoy these delightful beans at home before being replaced. On the upside, I spoke with Mark the other day and he said, ‘the Yirgy may not be gone forever.’

It was with fear and trepidation that I bought a bag for home because the Yirgy Bear is easily my favourite blend – both in name and in nature. Part of the reason it is my fave is because it is always exquisitely prepared and brewed in-house. But when you’re out of beans, you’re out of beans … and it’s always great to have delightful beans only footsteps away. It was me, the beans and the Sunbeam.


Once the right setting on the hand grinder was achieved, the beans’ flavour began to shine, even via the Sunbeam. The Yirgacheffe component of the Yirgy certainly provides a depth of flavour and brightness that is not apparent in many blends. The Constellation blend by Mantle & Moon comes closest … in my humble opinion.

I played around with a few variations, both black and white but I remember first savouring the Yirgy as a piccolo, and I think it was clearly my favourite option at home. A double shot piccolo was definitely the weapon of choice for Saturday morning on the front deck … a chair out there, and a bear as well … blissful. If you’ve never had the joy of consuming the Yirgy Bear, then cross your fingers and hope it finds it’s way back to Uncle Joe’s Coffee House.

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