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We have shared our flavourites for 2013, now it’s time to reveal your favourite coffee reviews on Bean Brewding. We have crunched the numbers, plotted the graphs and can finally reveal the Hottest 5 Coffee Shop Reviews for 2013 as read by you!

Hottest 5 for 2013

5. Ltd Espresso + Brew Bar

Ltd frontage

4. Cafe O-Mai

Cafe O-mai outside

3. The Single Guys Coffee Co.

Outside The Single Guys, Kenmore

2. Cup Roastery

Cup Roastery Interior

And the Hottest Coffee Shop Review as read by you …

1. Uncle Joe’s Coffee House


The Hottest 2 posts on our blog about other coffee related matters were:

Buying coffee cups? and Bean to Melbourne.

Thanks to everyone again for your support and interest in the vibrant landscape that is the Brisbane coffee scene. Enjoy your favourite coffee reviews for 2013 … we are already excited about 2014!

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